Microsoft Surface

Why surface might fail

The long awaited Microsoft surface had finally been announced a few days ago. To be honest it is indeed a leap in technology. I mean come on which platform in the market can give you a full fledged computer in a tablet. Not on an android and certainly not any IOS products. We are talking about running ram eating processor demanding software such as photoshop and premiere pro or even starcraft 2 on that tiny thing. Not some angry bird apps.

Hence please give Microsoft some credit for windows 8.

Now back to the topic on why surface might fail.

1) The supply chain is wrong.
Windows 8 is more or less created for oem. Meaning guys like Asus, dell, Sony, IBM, samsung, and more will start building their own “windows surface”. And I am willing to bet one of these guys will make a system than Microsoft owns surface. And thus a rat race will begin and Microsoft can forget about winning this.

2) The distribution channels are missing. Where are you going to find these Microsoft surface? In Microsoft shop? There’s hundreds of apple shop but rarely I see any Microsoft solely owned shop.

3) Putting os, hardware together is much more profitable, however Microsoft lacks the expertise in hardware and software manufacturing.
It took apple at least 10 years to build up the competitive advantage of hardware and software integration. I hardly doubt Microsoft can do what apple does.

If Microsoft really want to beat Apple, it really has to start making its own device and stop other manufacturers from making. However there is no way Microsoft will go down this route. It’s core competence remain in making software.

The way I see it, Microsoft surface will more or less become a HTC dream – the first Android phone made by Google for developers. In other words it won’t be mainstream tablet but rather one used by developers for various reasons.