The White Water Rafting that filled her with tears

They say opposite attracts and I couldnt agree more. Candice and I are complete opposites when it comes to adventures – Im and an adrenaline junkie, loving skiing down black diamonds, jumping off planes and doing crazy stuff that would send normal folks heart beat up a notch. Candice on the other hand is gentle careful and much more reserve when it comes to adrenaline pumping trips. She prefers walking by the beach and watching the sunset while I prefer jumping into the ocean chasing sharks or surfing waves.

And so, in the middle of our Aussie adventure travelling from Sydney to Gold Coast, I decide to book a white water rafting trip. We were sitting on a couch watching TV and I was surfing web in an Aussie home to book that white water rafting trip. Moments after I clicked “purchased”, tears came streaming down her cheeks. And I gently asked her whats wrong – she didnt said anything. Candice is the type of girl where when tears and emotion overcome she would be wordless. As for me her direct opposite, when things goes wrong I like to talk it out loud and reason.

And so when she is wordless, i fumed – cos i just paid almost 400 plus Aussie dollars to book a trip which i consider would be fun (but a horror to her) and I could have avoided if she had just told me not to book it (even if she did so, I probably would still have book it).

It is true that opposites attracts, however these attraction could prove fatal in a relationship if either party couldn’t work out a middle ground in difficult scenario. And I am glad I took a step back that day – a decision I made that will probably stay true in the rest of our relationship – No matter how adrenaline attractive an event is to me, I will never join without her consent – cos it is not worth watching the tears rolling down those cheeks.

Though I will still be an adrenaline junkie and will continue to persuade Candice to try things she never had done in her life before. For things that goes totally out of her boundary, I guess I will either have to find buddies to do with me or never do it at all.

To end the story, we didn’t went water rafting and I got all my money back as there wasn’t sufficient people to run a rafting event.