Photographer’s Nightmare

Experience the ultimate nightmare of many photographer today : SD card corruption after you finish a shoot.

SD card data corruption is 10 times worse than accidently deleting a file from the SD card. You will still have undelete and a ton of other tools to recover delete files for you pretty easily.

Today was really such a nightmare: Finish shooting, check shots- everything perfect – right exposure etc etc…

Happily went back home, uploaded the photo and plug it into lightroom. And I thought all the photos will be transferred. Was happily post – processing halfway, when I found I got like 100+ photos missing. Where did they disappear to? I re-check the sd card – nothing, recheck my hardisk – nothing.

My sd card was looking weird : 7.62 GB capacity, free space: 6.6GB. But the photos in the sd card were only 600MB…where did the other 400 MB went to.

Tried undel – nothing found. Started to panic, downloaded like 5 photo recovery files … all of them found nothing… 1 of them did found something…it was called lost files.

But it couldnt recovered the files. All the lovely shots I took had only the top 10% . The other 90 % were grey and what can I say – Useless.

Let with nothing but prayer… I continue searching for programs to recovery photographs… after about 10 programs…I finally found the one. Disk Doctor Photo Recovery.Paid $40+ USD for it…and phew im safe now.

Wedding photos are worth a live time…$40 is little money. Give thanks to God at least its only a nightmare…Now I have woken up from it