Giving Thanks

It has been a really long time since i wrote something here. I recalled the times back in uni days when I blog plenty – perhaps then I was more contemplative, partly driven by the academic drive to think, partly because pensive thoughts tends to come in the middle of the night when the world seems to be sleeping. Going past beyond 1 am seems to be the awakening period where dreams are pen down and thoughts are reflected.

This year has gone past too fast with so many miles stones that need to be jotted down and give thanks for before my rusty brain forget these wonderful moments.

1) Having our very first home

Its just slightly over a year since we move to our new nest. I must say we really love it here. I enjoyed the process of renovating, buying things and getting our house ready as a home. Once a project manager (PM)) always a PM, each time i faced a new project the PM in me will appear, making sure the milestones are reach within the given constrain of time and money.  To keep our banks account healthy, I done things i never thought i would do. With the help of Google and Youtube, I did things like installing curtains, fixing up a shoe cabinate from China which had no instructions and 100 over parts (took be about 6 hours to complete it – Im never doing it again). The best part of all these is really the process of building the nest with my stakeholder (wife) and I really thank God for her being such a supportive wife, filing up the gaps that I seriously lack.

2) Baby Judah


Im not a kid person. But now, Im a father and I have a kid. This year past by amazingly fast probably due to the number of mile stones involve in a pregnancy. You get to see the gynae about once a month during the course of pregnancy – and time really just fly through me.

If I had any doubts about the existence of a creator, the process of childbirth and pregnancy had totally remove my doubts. When baby Judah came out of mummy womb, I was totally in awed and mind-blown at the same time, how could such a big baby (3.85) came out from such a small hole. When a women becomes pregnant, the changes that occur in them – from physically to chemically(hormones)  is just mind blowing.

  • Life is created and sustained a women’s womb
  • The womb changes – the uterus expand at least 500 times to accommodate the baby.
  • The tummy stretch like a bloody balloon
  • Mummy can eat and eat and eat
  • There are 2 heartbeats in 1 human
  • The cervix dilates to 10 cm

God is real and very much alive.  Candice & I pretty much believed for a painless childbirth – after reading the book on Supernatural childbirth, we decided to put our faith to test and believed God for the following:

  • Painless childbirth
  • Natural delivery
  • Smooth delivery
  • No complications in delivery
  • No body aches and nausea during pregnancy

Judah birth is pretty much a miracle. Mummy survived the natural delivery with no pain relief and not once she screamed in pain or cried out loudly in pain, she was even laughing when she was delivering and the Doctor has to remind herself that Candice was not on epidural and to apply local anesthesia when she stitch her up. Candice is pretty much a tofu with pretty low pain threshold ( when we knock each other she cries out in pain and gets blue black, while i dont get anything).  I guess angels were really there helping Candice bringing Judah out in perfect time.

3) Work & His Providence

This is the first year, where we hardly went to work during peak season. Mama & Papa on leave. And we really let go and let the crew ran the cafe. And they are doing such amazing jobs that I feel we should go there even lesser – but that not gonna happen as we love the kitties too much.