2013 - IB

Ending 2013, outperforming S&P by 100%

2013 - IB

2013 has been an amazing year. Switched brokers and started really tracking my returns.There’s no way I expected myself to outperform major index by this margin. Giving all praise and glory to God.

I will be trading much much lesser in 2014 as I venture into a new business area that would use up most of what God has given me thus far.

Here’s my stock pick for Year 2014:

Price as of March 4 2014
YHOO – 38.25 (watch for alibaba IPO)
MSFT -37.78 (I like surface )
INTC -24.50 (wintel)
AAPL -527 (watch for new products, else dump them)
Cordlife(SG) – 1.2 (Cordblood)
ASCPLC – 6891 (High growth retail consumer wear)
Visa – 221 (Defensive constant growth)
Google -1202 (never too late to grab them)
NFLX – 445 (445 is a little high, buy in dips – general ultra growth)
SSYS – 124 (3D printing – ignore current price fluctuate see this stock in 5 years time)
NXPI -56 (NFC – you like it or not its gonna be in your phone)

Have a blessed day.