My Portfolio

All right peeps, these are the current position i currently hold. I will do my best to update these page as I load/unload certain position. Let me know what other columns I should add so that this can be more useful to you.

*Note: I typically dont hold more than 15 stocks at a single point of time. My stocks are largely concentrated around Tech stocks – as I am a geek and and love the ups and downs of tech related stocks.

Here’s my historical performance as of Feb 2013, when I started to dedicate more time to invest on a serious note. I am currently outperforming S&P500 by 264% over a period of 2 years at this time of writing (9 Feb 15). I certainly hope I can continue to keep this trend up.

Historical Performance


Feb 2013 to Feb 2014: Gain 42.14% | S&P 25.11%

Feb 2014 to Feb 2015: Gain 43.73% | S&P 15.58%