dont get it

Christianity – an absurd religion, a bunch of crazy people

I have been in a church for almost 10 years now. I came upon Christianity 10 years ago as I stumbled into a church and somehow someway accept Christ as the saviour. 10 years ago I find Christians are the most absurd religion that I have know, 10 years later I still believe it is the one of the most absurd religion out there.

Why are Christians Absurd?

  1. They believe in a man, they call him God who was nailed on a cross and they claimed he died and got resurrected
  2. They wrap around a little book call the holy bible, quote verses from it and debate the little verses every now and then
  3. If you never been to a worship session, you could be up for a shocker. These Christians played rock music every weekend, cry, dance in a way I never seen before. Christian worship were a shocker to me 10 years ago, they still shock me sometimes today.
  4. Some of them speak in “tongues”  – which is really utter babbler to everyone except Christians
  5. They throw people into water as a ritual to “baptise” them.
  6. Theres more than 1000 types of Christianity out there – and sometimes they dont agree with each other
  7. They hardly drink, they call for abstinence from sex before marriage and a bunch of other stuff  that dont really make sense in our modern world today.
  8. They gather in small groups to pray every now and then asking God to change things they cant change
  9. They try to convert every single person they meet.
  10. They will ask you to give 10% of your income to God through the church -10% seriously thats alot of $$$.

You know the list can really go on and on and on. Logically, to me nothing about Christian make sense. Yes i know there are tons of bible debates from folks like CS Lewis and Lee Strobel that wrote books that prove that the Christian God do exist. But I aint a PHD brain – and majority of Christians out there aren’t either. Those logical debate while they make sense can never convince me to follow these crazy Christians.

Nothing in my Christian walk with God has ever been with logic. If i had been so logical, I probably would have left Church by now. Because if I drill down deep, I can never convince myself the absurdity of Christianity is the proof that God exist. On the contrary, these absurdness of Christianity had never make me feel comfortable. In fact Christianity is probably one of the most uncomfortable religion to me demanding me to do really weird stuff.

My Christian walk is one that is filled illogical stuff – I like to call them miracles that allowed me to continue with this absurd religion and continue walking with God. In my 10 years, God has restored a relationship that was beyond repair, healed a man that couldnt eat after an accident – and doctors cant do anything about it, landed me an awesome job – despite crappy uni  grades, found me an awesome wife – despite being so filled with flaws, and so much more.

Christianity – Ugh yes you just dont get it. It never made sense and perhaps never will make sense for me. But perhaps I dont really need to get it, I dont really need to know a car works before driving it – heck I dont even understand 99% things I am using these days. Christianity goes beyond logic and touches the space of the 5th dimension – beyond 3D space and time, hence perhaps even quantum physics and relativity theory cant explain Christianity in a concrete sense.

Christmas is just round the corner, perhaps its time to make a visit to a church if you never been to one. And yes it doesnt make sense to you, that even now a tugging is stirring at your heart to call up another Christian to visit a Church and find out about this absurd religion.

Have a blessed Christmas, Dont forget the Christ behind every single Christmas!

Absurd Christian