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Singapore payment system is not backwards

This is the post that got it all started PM lee tweet that Singapore is really much backwards compared to countries like China From the pic we see that a merchant has multiple payment system to accept multiple cards. In short, our payment system is in a little mess.   This is not really the case […]

How much does Uber/Grab drivers earn hourly?

I decided to write this article after driving Uber for about 6 months on a part time basis to help other Uber/Grab drivers make a decision on joining Uber/Grab. Note I did not drive grab, but I have a buddy that drives Grab (also on a part time basis) that aid me in this write […]

Giving Thanks

It has been a really long time since i wrote something here. I recalled the times back in uni days when I blog plenty – perhaps then I was more contemplative, partly driven by the academic drive to think, partly because pensive thoughts tends to come in the middle of the night when the world […]

When less is more

Im getting my new home soon and during this period I am constantly filled with choices – choices and questions that constantly nags me and make me ask “Do I need this?” “Can I live without this?” A world of excess and we need to learn to live with less. Money can do wonders to […]

The White Water Rafting that filled her with tears

They say opposite attracts and I couldnt agree more. Candice and I are complete opposites when it comes to adventures – Im and an adrenaline junkie, loving skiing down black diamonds, jumping off planes and doing crazy stuff that would send normal folks heart beat up a notch. Candice on the other hand is gentle careful […]

My Portfolio

All right peeps, these are the current position i currently hold. I will do my best to update these page as I load/unload certain position. Let me know what other columns I should add so that this can be more useful to you. *Note: I typically dont hold more than 15 stocks at a single […]

Market in High Risk Zone

Quick Facts 1) Interest rate will be going up in 2015 2) Bond buying program will ceased. 3) Stocks have been all time high due low yields driven by bonds over the last few years 4) Oil is in over supply stage, no one really knows how low they could go, oil prices has always been a […]

7 Steps to Get Free Money in Singapore.

Who doesn’t love free money? Yes, I am not cheesing you when I say there are free money ups for grabs in Singapore, as long as you have some easily met requirements. OCBC 360 gives us up to 3.05% interest for the first $50,000 you deposit if you meet some easily met requirements. BUT which early […]

Should you buy Alibaba when it starts trading?

The largest IPO in US history will begin tonight. Alibaba priced its IPO at $68 a share, raising $21.8 Billion. As most of us are unable to subscribe to Alibaba IPO, the question to ask is should we buy Alibaba IPO once it begin trading in NYSE? Reasons to buy Alibaba 1) Reasons to buy Alibaba, […]

6 Investment Tips for the early 20s

How do you invest in your early 20s, when you have little savings? I wont be covering topics such as stock picking or stock valuation as some articles points out that a chimpanzee could probably be better at picking stock than fund managers.  I will cover instead on essential tips to start out and slowly grow […]