About Me

Cat Lover, Caffeine Addict, Entrepreneur,  Small time investor, Geek & Loving Husband.

  • I am an industry engineer by training, and engineers love point forms
  • But industrial engineering was too complicated for me and no company wanted me as I had crappy engineering grades.
  • So I join a tech startup – Techsailor so learn the trades of IT and social media and started becoming geeky.
  • And was lucky enough to get into OCBC running banking related IT projects.
  • Being in a bank you cant help to be financially savvy as all your colleagues talks in financial terms.
  • Saved up enough monies and founded The Cat Cafe.
  • Employ myself as a part-time Barista at The Cat Cafe, making coffee and taking care of 14 cats.
  • Unfortunately, im plagued by a rare skin diseases and got to be home bound most of the time.
  • Until I recover, I will have to try to make myself useful and earn my income via investment or other online means.

Okie, enough of point forms. I am happily married to a loving wife who runs The Cat Cafe while im home bound due to my problematic skin problem. I have loads of time at home and so I shall make use of my Geekiness and financial knowledge to actively earn income via active investing. I hope to get well real soon and start contributing back to the community.